Why Healing Hands Home Care LLC?

Healing Hands Home Care
Private Individual Caregiver
Background Checks All staff members are thoroughly evaluated in several areas, including, but not limited to, criminal background checks, personal references and work history. Client is responsible for checking caregiver, an added cost to client.
Backup Caregivers We are ready and able to step in when your caregiver is off because of sickness, emergency, or any other reason. No backup plans for sick days or emergencies, which could be an added stress on you and your family.
Bond and Insurance Our staff is made up of a team of insured caregivers. Usually none
Workers Compensation and Liability All staff members are covered through our workers’ compensation insurance. Private providers can sue the client for any injuries occurring on the job.
Flexibility of Home Care Services You are not locked into a fixed schedule. We are flexible when given reasonable notice. We can adjust to meet any increase or decrease in needs. May not be flexible due to other clients or personal obligations.
Staff Supervision Announced and unannounced staff supervision to ensure clients’ needs are being met and to assess if any added area of care is needed. Supervises self and therefore there is no quality control check.
Payroll Taxes and IRS Healing Hands Home Care is responsible for reporting to IRS.   Client is responsible for reporting to IRS.
Training All staff members are given initial training and on going training.
Areas of training are, but not limited to, universal standard precautions, nutrition, safety.
  May not have this ongoing training.