1.) What should I expect from Healing Hands Home Care when I call for service?
We provide free initial consultation at no cost to you, to help us decide what types of services you need. This also allows you to ask any question you may have. If services are agreed upon by both the agency and the client, our dedicated team will work with you, your family, your doctor and/or your case manager to establish an individual home care plan to meet your needs in the comfort of your own home.

2.) What is your screening process for HHHC caregivers?
All staff members are thoroughly screened for several areas, including but not limited to, criminal background check, personal references, work history, interview in person, and driving records if driving will be part of their services.

3.) What do you look for in selecting your caregivers?
We look and select our caregivers based on qualification, dependability, honesty, friendliness, caring, respectability, tolerance, communicative efficacy, and more.

4.) How do you train your caregivers?
We provide on going training to our staff including client specific training because we know everybody has their own specific needs. Most training is provided by a BSN or RN who is certified by the state of Wisconsin to provide required training for staff members of assisted living facilities. The administrator’s broad level of experience ensures that our caregivers have the required training to provide care that meets or exceeds individual clients’ needs.

We provide training in areas such as universal standard precautions, nutrition, safety, cultural awareness…etc.

5.) If I am not happy with my current caregiver, what do I do?
We encourage you to inform HHHC if you are not happy with your current caregiver, and we will do our very best to match you with another caregiver.

6.) What geographical areas do you serve?
Dane County and surrounding.

7.) Are your services covered by Medicare and Medicaid?

Unfortunately no. We do not provide skilled nursing services. Medicare and Medicaid only cover skilled nursing services.

8.) How is your services paid for?
Mostly, cash payment. However, some long term care policies may cover the services; you have to check with your policy holder. Depending on your circumstances, workers’ compensation may also cover these services. Social services’ block grant program is another payment source based on qualification. For your convenient, we accept credit cards.

9.) What are the minimal hours you can be hired to provide care?
We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide services from tuck and raise only to 24 hours Live –in arrangements.

10.) Do you charge extra for holiday care?
Holidays are subject to a time and half of regular rates. Call us for list of these holidays

11.) Are you available for questions after office hours?
Absolutely yes!
We are available anytime. You can call after office hours any time.

12.) How quickly can you initiate services?
Depending on your needs, usually within one or two days.

13.) How much notice do you require if I need to cancel my services?
Depending on the amount of services, one day to two weeks of notice.
Please, call for specific details.

14.) If my caregiver is out for any reason, does HHHC cover my care?
Absolutely yes!
We always have other caregivers who will cover emergencies and vacation time off for primary caregivers.